More healthcare workers in GP practices

A whole new team of people qualified to help you get the best from your health care service will be waiting to see you (starting in Tilbury and Chadwell and moving in to Grays and then other areas (localities), including Corringham/Stanford-le-hope and Purfleet.

  • Physician associate – Medically qualified general health care professional that can see you for a most health problems, they are supervised by GPs.
  • Practice based pharmacist – These are qualified pharmacists who work in your GP practices as part of a team of people who can support a patient with medicines, long term conditions (like diabetes and COPD) and helping to diagnose specific problems.
  • Community psychiatric nurses – These are specialist nurses that can help with any mental health problems you might have.
  • Paramedic– Trained in emergency medicine, paramedics can support patients with urgent medical needs, sometimes coming out of the practice and in to your home. They will know about all illnesses and assess and treat problems as they arise.
  • Nurse practitioners – They are fully qualified and will support you with every day health problems.
  • Existing social prescribers and others within GP practices.

How will this work for you?

Mark’s Story

Mark is 52, he has been having some problems with his breathing, he phones his GP surgery and is asked some questions by the receptionist. She sign posts him to the nurse practitioner who has an appointment available that day. Mark goes along, she listens to his chest and asks him about his health. Mark has asthma, she checks in with the pharmacist to review the medicines he is on and discovers that Mark is taking painkillers that interfere with his asthma. The nurse gives advice to Mark about the painkillers he can try. Marks breathing improves.