Corringham Integrated Medical Centre

The NHS is teaming up with Thurrock Council and the voluntary sector to create brand new integrated medical centres in Thurrock, bringing together the health, social and community services you need under one roof.

Corringham Integrated Medical Centre will be the first to open in 2022. On this page you’ll find lots of details on how Corringham IMC will transform the services you receive from us, and improve the health and wellbeing of you and your neighbours. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email

What services will be available at Corringham Integrated Medical Centre?

Corringham IMC is the first of the four new centres to be built, and will bring together health, social and community services in state-of-the-art facilities, meaning you won’t need to travel to different sites for what you need.

At Corringham IMC, we’ll have multi-skilled, professional teams on hand to provide these joined up services:

  • Adult Mental Health and Community Health Services
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Primary Care, Adult Social Care
  • Children and Young people services
  • Lifestyle & Wellbeing Services
  • Long-Term Conditions
  • Outpatients and Diagnostics services such as Phlebotomy, Ultrasound, AAA Screening.

We want Corringham IMC to be a space for the community, so we’ll be opening up rooms for local community groups to use during the evenings and weekends.

Building works

Building work at Corringham IMC began in January and the centre is due to open in late 2022.

After a thorough tender process, Neilcott Construction was chosen as the building contractors, and all the organisations within the Better Care Together Thurrock partnership are working really closely with them to ensure this is a safe project with as minimal disruption to the community as possible.

You can see more information on the building project here.

For more information about Neilcott Construction, please visit its website here. If you’d like to get in touch with them, please email


Next event

We want to ensure the local community are engaged and kept up to date with the build of Corringham IMC, so we’ll be hosting regular events for you to find out more and ask us questions. Keep an eye on this webpage for the details of our next event. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in touch with us please email

Last event

On Thursday 28 January we held a public engagement event to mark the start of building works to Corringham IMC. Local residents, staff and parents from Graham James Academy and local councillors were invited to find out more about the centre and how it will improve the health of wellbeing of people in the local area.

You can download and view the presentations below:


If your questions is not listed below, please contact us at You can also download a full copy of the FAQs here.

Building work

Q. What’s being done about cleaning the road leading to and from the building works?

  • Neilcott Construction is installing hard standing for lorries which will avoid vehicles going in soft/muddy areas. The entrance area to the school is fairly soft and muddy, so Neilcott will be installing a concrete ramp to ensure a clean access/egress. A wheel washing procedure will be carried out when required and, as you may have already seen, we are sending regular road sweepers along the school road, The Sorrells and neighbouring roads. Traffic Marshalls (and the Neilcott manager team) will carry out regular checks throughout the day to minimise the likelihood of the entrance and footpath becoming muddy and a possible hazard.

Q. What precautions are going to be put in place to minimise noise for school pupils during construction and also when the centre is open?

  • As this is a new build project, Neilcott Construction will not be carrying out loud operations, such as breaking out of large concrete structures or noisy demolition. There will also be low vibration. Where possible, Neilcott will use tools with low noise output will order materials made to measure. The majority of the materials for the external skin of building steel frame/insulation will be cut off site and made to measure. By June, the majority of the works will be internal and will be difficult to hear. If needed, acoustic barriers will be installed.
  • Neilcott Construction will remain in regular contact with the school and review processes to reduce the impact if required.

Q. Following the Prime Minister’s ‘green’ agenda, how many trees will be planted around the build to mitigate the environmental impact of the build and the existence of the Medical Centre?

  • Neilcott Construction will be planning seven trees in numerous areas around the perimeter of the centre. Click here to view details about the trees that will be planted which was presented at the public engagement event on 28 January.

Q. Commercial vehicles e.g. delivery vans etc. cannot get around the bend at the top of the school drive, so park down the school drive and could block access to the Medical Centre and the Day Centre. What provision will be put in place to allow commercial vehicles to unload but at the same time not block access to the Medical Centre and Day Centre?

  • Refuse vehicles already access the site to service the facility, but the road into the site is also being widened to allow better access to the school and the medical centre. Neilcott Construction has worked with the school to ensure deliveries do not take place during key times – e.g. start and end of school. It will continue to liaise with the school to ensure deliveries do not impact the access


Q. What parking facilities will there be?

  • There will be 37 spaces as follows:
    • 30 car spaces
    • 3 motorcycle spaces
    • 4 disabled car spaces

Q. Will staff and visitors to the school be able to use the Medical Centre’s car park when the school is open?

  • No, the car park will be for staff, patients and users of the IMC. Similarly staff, patients and users will not be able to use the school car park. We are looking into parking identification systems, including registration systems

Q. Parking in the Andersons, Abbotts Drive and The Sorrells is currently very problematic. What will Thurrock Council do and when to enforce the parking restrictions? 

Q. What safeguards are in place to ensure the parking provision at the Medical Centre is sufficient for the proposed number of staff and patients?

  • The parking numbers are based on a detailed travel plan which indicated a requirement slightly less than what we will actually provide at the IMC. We are confident the proposed parking numbers will meet the requirement now and in the future.


Q. It is noticeable that there is an increased level of construction traffic coming up The Sorrells, and a lot of the lorries appear to be travelling at speeds in excess of the 30 and 20mph speed limits. What measures will be taken to ensure the construction traffic travels along The Sorrells within the speed limits?

  • Neilcott has, and will continue to, stress the importance of the local speed limits to all suppliers, especially with the increased risk of working directly next to the school. This will be highlighted further in any orders made to them. Regular ‘toolbox talks’ will be issued to teams onsite also, as this will apply to anyone visiting the site. The site team will monitor all site traffic and any vehicles/companies found breaking the rules will be removed from the contract.

Q. Why has there not been a change in the entrance and exit, and why will only one road be used rather than two? The entrance to the school being directly beside it means at certain times of the day there is a large flow of people, including young children.

  • As part of this programme, the secure school entrance for vehicles will be moved back towards the school, and the existing road into the site from the Sorrels will be widened to give more space for the vehicle entrance/exit to the IMC, the school and the community centre. The pedestrian entry route to the school is separate from the vehicular entrance.

Q. Will there be an improvement to the lighting along the entrance road? In winter months this can be a very dark stretch of road which is used by both staff and parents.

  • There will not be any additional lighting added to the access road, but lighting will be installed in the car park.

Q. The school has doubled in size since the plans for the Medical Centre were drawn up. What action will be taken by the responsible people for the Medical Centre and Thurrock Council to ensure the safety of the children and their parents at school arrival and departing times?

  • The school and the IMC partners are liaising closely to ensure the needs of all users are accommodated and that the safety of the school children continues to be the top priority.

Q. How are you ensuring the safety of children, parents and the public, as the access road is a single road beside a school footpath which could become very busy and dangerous for the children and parents crossing?

  • During the construction phase, delivery vehicles will be marshalled in and out of the access road. Deliveries will not arrive or depart during the key drop off and collection times agreed with the school.

Q. How are you going to prevent any accidents in the small entry and exit?

  • Safety of the local community is our top priority and so, during the construction phase, delivery vehicles will be marshalled in and out of the access road. Deliveries will not arrive or depart during the key drop off and collection times agreed with the school

Q. Lots of parents use that access to the school, as the path into the school is not suitable for social distancing and the classrooms have doubled since this path was laid. Will there be anyone looking into this? Is this access now going to be stopped for all pedestrians?

  • Neilcott Construction has the safety of children, parents and staff at the school as its priority. It will continue working with the school to ensure the safety of everyone, and adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines for ensuring social distancing.

Q. How are you going to ensure there is enough space for people to walk? The path is not wide enough for safe walking.

  • There will be no change to the school pedestrian walk way. The access road will be for vehicles only.

Corringham Integrated Medical Centre and services

Q. Will the facilities at Corringham include all the services that are currently available at Orsett Hospital?

  • Services currently available at Orsett Hospital will be moving to the four new Integrated Medical Centres, and Corringham IMC will provide some of these services including blood testing, adult and children’s mental health services and a GP service. Orsett Hospital will remain open until all the services for the Thurrock population are relocated within the local area and all four IMCs are in place. Most services from Orsett Hospital will be provided in the Grays IMC planned for the Thurrock Hospital site. The current target date for closure is 2025

Q. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on this project and how will you ensure the building is safe?

  • The building has flexibility at its heart and was designed in this way well before the pandemic. A number of the key features incorporated for future proofing have proven to be aligned with measures being taken elsewhere in response to COVID-19. For example, there are a number of large rooms which can be made even larger through moveable partitions being incorporated, which now also caters for social distancing. The clinical areas contain infrastructure to allow them to be zoned and controlled if required and the main entrance can be similarly controlled to provide access to one side of the building or the other in the event of zoning or control being required on a larger scale.

Q. Will the Medical Centre have public toilets freely available to all when the centre is open for patients?

  • All the facilities at the IMC will be only for staff, patients and people using the centre, however we will of course be flexible if people with additional needs require the facilities

Q. What time each day of the week will the Medical Centre be open i.e. what’s the earliest and latest time staff will arrive/depart and what’s the earliest and latest time patients can arrive/depart?

  • Monday to Friday:
    • Patients: between 7am to 9pm
    • Staff: between 6.30am to 10pm
  • Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays:
    • Patients: between 9am to 5pm
    • Staff: between 8am to 10pm

Q. How many people will the building aim to house, including staff and visitors, at one time?

  • This number is not yet confirmed as it will vary depending on the services being delivered at any one time. However the maximum occupancy is 320 people.


Q. What will be the impact for staff? Where will they be working? Is there benefits for staff?

  • We’re hoping to see some great benefits for staff across the partnership, including:
    • The ability to work from any of the IMCs with all desks being bookable for staff
    • New, state-of-the-art, bright buildings to work in
    • New technology and facilities
    • Provide enhanced care with new technology
    • Work even closer with partner colleagues

Q. Will we get more doctors in our area, or will doctors be moving from the old buildings to the new one?

  • We are currently working with two GPs, and are still working to confirm how many healthcare professionals will be provided at the Corringham site. We are also still confirming the primary care services which will be delivered at Corringham IMC. 

Community engagement

Q. Will local residents get a tour of the building before it opens for public use?

  • Absolutely. The IMC partnership and Neilcott Construction has created a thorough engagement plan as we want you, the community, to be really involved with your new medical and wellbeing centre. We’ll also make sure we can include the school children as much as possible.
  • We will ensure all our engagement activities adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines

Q. Will there be more public engagement events?

  • We want to ensure the community is fully engaged with this project so will be planning more events soon. Please keep an eye on the Better Care Together website for all the information

Better Care Together Thurrock programme

Q. Why is NELFT funding Corringham IMC?

  • NELFT has owned the site next to the school for a number of years, and already had plans to review their estates, and transfer some of its office staff to this site. When the IMC conversations were being developed in 2018, NELFT were keen to see how their plans could support an offer for Corringham.

Q. Why is Orsett Hospital closing? When will it be closing?

  • The decision to close Orsett Hospital has been made as
    • The dated premises and the layout doesn’t support the way services are now delivered
    • It would be structurally difficult and expensive to change the current layout
    • There is a large backlog of maintenance on the site
    • The infrastructure doesn’t support modern technology and equipment
  • The Integrated Medical Centre programme means we can improve the range of services delivered outside of the main Basildon Hospital site and improve access to services for the local population. Orsett Hospital will remain open until all the services for the Thurrock population are relocated within the local area and all four IMCs are in place. Most services from Orsett Hospital will be provided in the Grays IMC planned for the Thurrock Hospital site. The current target date for closure is 2025.
Get in touch

If you’d like more information on the Better Care Together Thurrock programme, Corringham IMC or would like to ask a question, please get in touch with us at

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