Changes in the Community

Health and Social Care in Tilbury and Chadwell is changing. There is a move to join up health, care and community workers all together to better support you. Starting in the community, adult social care is seeing some exciting developments such as Well being Teams, Community Led Support, and Technology Enabled Care. Health services are planning to join during 2019/20.

Benefits of this new way of working include:

  • Identifying gaps in services;
  • Re-allocating resources to where they are needed the most;
  • Early-intervention support
Wellbeing Teams

Introduced in May 2019 as an alternative way of working that’s less traditional;

The new teams will aim to support you to achieve the things that matter most.

Wellbeing workers will be more locally base;

Will take time to get to know you to be able to offer a service tailored to you.

Community Led Support

Bringing social workers out of the Council and into the community;

Easier for you to access them.

You can now go to access them.

You can now go to different community venues and speak directly with a social worker;

Social workers can work with you to identify what you might need to best support your situation.


Many of the changes described in this leaflet will use Technology Enabled Care. Technology is Enable Care.

Technology is fast becoming more sophisticated and is helping people to regain independence and control.

Technology can also also carers and health professionals to any issues at the earliest opportunity.

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