Better Care Together

Changes to the way health and care is provided are happening

These changes include…

Community Led Support

More Health professionals working within Doctor’s Surgery

Two Wellbeing Teams offering a personalised package of care in your home

More use of new technology to support and assist you within your home and help you to live independently

What else?

Further plans to bring health and social care services together.

There will be more opportunities to test your health. We want to help you to identify any health problems earlier as well as help better support people with long-term health conditions.

Making communities stronger with more support, services and small (micro) businesses supporting you and your families in the place where you live.

Benefits of working differently

More access

More access to support when and where you need it. A focus on good outcomes and on what matters most to you.

Work with you sooner

Work with you sooner to identify health and social problems. Solutions provided to stop people from getting ill or needing more intensive help.

Remove the paperwork

Removing the paperwork and bureaucracy, making things simpler and easier to understand for you and for the people working in health, social and community care.

Tell your story once

Only having to tell your story once, and solutions being found in the community, through voluntary organisations as well as through more traditional health services.

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