Our vision

All of the partners involved in promoting improved well-being in Thurrock, including those in health and care services and the voluntary sector alongside our communities, are working together to improve how we support the population of Thurrock to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

What is our goal?

To support people to achieve better well-being outcomes through facilitating solutions that are closer to home, holistic and that create efficiencies within the health and care system.

What is our aim?

Better Care Together Thurrock’s aim is to design, develop and deliver new ways of working with all the partners alongside the community to achieve our vision and goal.

We need your help so we can achieve what is most important to you…

How are we in Thurrock ensuring the following, which are key to our success:

  • Voluntary services, partners and the community work together as equals – collectively pool and utilise our shared skills, knowledge and experience
  • The community to have co-ownership with influence over design and funding
  • The community and citizens have a voice – that is meaningful and not tokenistic
  • Stronger Together” – is more than just a title, it expresses a real commitment to bringing resilient communities together
  • Everything we do comes from a Strengths based focus
  • We learn lessons from Covid to identify opportunities and learn from mistakes
  • We all work together, building on our unique relationships
  • Utilise our co-produced community principles – a common thread throughout all our programmes

Our Publications

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